Thursday, May 23, 2019
Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)


  • friendly advertising media on street furniture
  • largest advertising space on the media type in the CR and SR
  • swivel, lighted, with sound effects



Manufacturer public clocks, the company TIME: SERVICE, operates in the market of advertising and management of street furniture, converting the form of the company, since 1991.

After years of development facilities, we can now offer highly reliable device, which is a necessity for the public clock. Our original designs are verified for 25 years service to the public for the most extreme conditions. Our public clock with rotating advertising sections were installed in the Tatra conditions for lifts to Lomnicky Peak, and after nearly 20 years showed the correct time without a glitch and not damaged even the strongest winds in this area!

Unlike self-serving advertising space in our cities, in addition to advertising already citizens add nothing to our public advertising clocks in addition inform about the time or the outside temperature and thus serve thousands of people a day, on their way to work and back, fun and private or business meetings.


Pardubice - Jindřišská ulice